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Project Teams

Led by faculty, the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

engages undergrad and graduate students in multidisciplinary project teams.

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Students may apply to join a VIP team using the “Submit Application” link. When a student is accepted to a VIP team, they will receive enrollment instructions from the VIP team.

Notes for Applicants

  • New students are primarily selected based on interest, motivation, and commitment toward the project expressed through the application.
  • Unless the team is full, most applications are accepted.
  • Contact the VIP team directly, or chengmo@udel.edu, to follow-up regarding an application.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIP

The Vertically Integrated Projects program aims to revolutionize undergraduate education. We put together long-lasting multi-disciplinary teams of students to work on cutting-edge research. The teams are each centered around the work of current faculty which act as leaders and mentors to their team.

What is in it for the faculty leaders?

The faculty are all volunteers that recognize the value of undergraduate education and research projects. The aim is to direct the energy and creativity of their team towards results that are larger than what one person can accomplish alone. VIP teams often lead towards large grants, start-up companies, and redefining professional paths.

How do I start a team?

As a faculty you can apply to create a team after logging into the site using your udel.edu email address. Include lists of interesting topics, a cool photo, and a breakdown of what students of various majors can expect to work on.

What's in it for students?

Students earn meaningful course credits while engaging in truly original work that transcends what can be learned in a single-semester course. This long-term team-based context allows students the time to develop professional skills, make substantial contributions, and build deep understanding of topics which shape our future. Students can experience a wide-variety of roles on such teams from mentee to leader, while networking with those that can influence the course of their careers. Students have been known to publish their results, spin-off companies from their projects, and establish careers based on their work in VIP teams.

How do I join as a student?

Visit the project team page and look over the info where you’ll find an “apply” button. Fill out the application and wait for a reply email.