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Trustworthy AI

Trustworthy AI

Research Topics

Trustworthy AI research focuses on creating transparent, accountable, and reliable artificial intelligence systems. It includes two critical aspects: (1) eXplainable AI (XAI), which aims to make AI decisions understandable and free from bias. (2) Robust Machine Learning, which ensures AI systems can handle unforeseen conditions and adversarial attacks. The VIP team will apply the two aspects of Trustworthy AI to various scientific applications.


  • Weather nowcasting and forecasting.
    • Analyze historical weather data and develop time series predictive models for short-term and long-term weather prediction.
  • Underwater geo-acoustic data analysis for marine life identification.
    • Train computer vision models to detect and classify marine life species using sonar images.
  • Flood water segmentation and interpretation using satellite images.
    • Fine-tune large pre-trained models (LPMs) to segment and interpret flood water using satellite images.

Majors and Interests

  • CS: AI, machine learning, deep neural networks, computer vision
  • CE: computer hardware, AI security, AI acceleration
  • EE: signal processing, remote sensing
  • Math: algorithms, ML

Xi Peng, CIS, xipeng@udel.edu


Posted on

October 30, 2023