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Vertically Integrated Projects

The VIP Program is the next revolution in higher education research.

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The VIP Model – Overcoming Fragmentation

No Time Barrier

Time for Students to Learn, Contribute, Lead

No Disciplinary or Mission Barriers

Long-Term, Large-Scale, Ambitious Projects

Everyone Succeeds Together

Peer-to-Peer Learning, Mentoring, Leadership

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Enable Long-Term, Large-Scale, Multidisciplinary Teams

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Model for Experiential Learning creates long-term, large-scale projects that unite undergraduate education and faculty research, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams.

The VIP Program is the next revolution in higher education research.

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The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program operates in a research and development context. Undergraduate students that join VIP teams earn academic credit for their participation in design/discovery efforts that assist faculty and graduate students with research and development issues in their areas of expertise.


Students work with faculty, graduate students and peers on long-term, large-scale projects that bring together research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Operating like small start-up companies, teams meet regularly. Students should possess a willingness to learn and collaborate within their team.


Each VIP team is led by a faculty member in an area of their expertise, spanning across various disciplines, ultimately connecting students across disciplines as well. Projects are large-scale, long-term, enabling student teams to help address and solve real-world problems.


All students apply to join a VIP team using the “Submit Application” link on the teams page. When a student is accepted to a VIP team, they will receive enrollment instructions from the VIP team.

Peer Reviews

VIP Team Experience

VIP and Peer Review

An important component of the VIP team experience is peer-evaluation. Students evaluate classmates with whom they work, with one evaluation at midterms and one at the end of each semester.

Completed Evaluations

Only instructors can view completed evaluations, and they use them in monitoring student progress. Students can only submit peer evaluations during active evaluation periods. Instructors can access evaluations at any time.

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