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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

Goals of This Team

Autonomous driving is an innovative technology that allows vehicles to navigate and perform driving tasks without human intervention. This VIP team is dedicated to the research and development of cutting-edge solutions for autonomous driving. This team will build and design autonomous driving prototyping systems for safety and efficiency.


  • CS: DNNs, computer vision, real-time OS, ROS
  • ME: robotics, planning, control, CAN bus
  • EE: sensing, signal processing, DSRC/C-V2X
  • CE: computer architecture, cybersecurity


  • Multi-sensor fusion techniques;
  • Heterogeneous hardware architecture;
  • Digital twin simulation environment;
  • Connected and autonomous driving;
  • Energy efficient autonomous driving;
  • Cybersecurity for connected and autonomous driving vehicle.

Research Areas

Deep neural networks, robot operating system, sensing, perception, planning, control, embedded devices, vehicular communications, heterogeneous accelerator, real-time operating system