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Algorithms: Programming Contest and Research


Goals of this Team

ALGORITHMS are an essential component of modern computing and have become increasingly important as the amount of data generated by businesses, governments, and individuals has grown exponentially. This VIP team centers on the study of algorithms, consisting of two threads:

  • Programming Contest Thread. Participating in programming contests can have several benefits: improving problem solving skills, enhancing programing skills, providing network opportunities, and enhancing career prospects. This thread serves as a channel for students who are interested in participating programming contest. With the support from the Computer and Information Science Department at UD, team members in this thread will collectively learn programming fundamentals, design contest strategies, participate in mock programming contests,  and finally, patriciate in programming contests in the US.
  • Research Thread. Algorithm research involves the study of algorithms, their properties, and their applications. The team in this thread will explore research topics in combinatorial optimization and social network analysis, in collaboration with the Computational Data Science Lab at UD (https://udel.edu/~amotong/).


Any major that involves coding and algorithms will fit, including but not limited to 

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Mathematics


  • Meeting with students who have passion in programming and algorithms
  • Practicing coding interview questions
  • Improving algorithm design skills
  • Having fun in mock programming contest
  • Possibly, winning or placing highly in programming contests

Research Interests

  • Acquiring research experience in computer science
  • Solving research-level algorithmic problems
  • Implementing complex algorithms and contributing open-source project
  • Publishing research papers
  • Receiving summer internship offers from the Computational Data Science Lab at UD.


Greg Silber, Professor, CIS, silber@udel.edu

Guangmo Tong, Professor, CIS, amotong@udel.edu


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March 24, 2023