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The Power of Sound

The Power of Sound

Research Issues

Sound is everywhere in our lives, brought alive by music and conversation. The unique properties of acoustic energy also make it ideal for transmitting energy in many environments from solid metals to the ocean to the human body.  This VIP team studies applications of acoustic waves for sensing, communication, energy harvesting and power transfer.

Research Areas

  • Musical Acoustic
  • Seismic communication
  • Acoustic energy harvesting
  • Ultrasound for wireless power transfer
  • Underwater sound and communications
  • Marine and environmental sounds

Majors Preparation and Interests

  • EE: signal processing, ML, control, power
  • CS: algorithms, programming
  • ME: actuation, control, mechanics
  • BME: wearables, implantables

Key Elements

Fundamentals of acoustics, transducer design and manufacturing, wireless power transfer, acoustic energy harvesting, sound signal processing and machine learning, musical synthesis.


The Acoustic Engineering and signal processing laboratory in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department seeks to develop understanding in a variety of fields related to sound propagation and engineering. These include instrumentation, signal processing and analysis, as well as algorithm development for AI and ML dealing with sound signals.


Mohsen Badiey, Professor, ECE, badiey@udel.edu

Nathan Lazarus, Professor, ECE, nlazarus@udel.edu