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Cyber Data Science

Cyber Data Science

Majors aligned with the IoT team

  • CE: cybersecurity, ML, Networks
  • CS: algorithms, programming languages, ML
  • Math: Coding, Algorithms, ML

Exciting Research Topics

  • Adversarial Machine Learning Protection
  • Intrusion detection and protection strategies
  • Traffic Analysis with ML
  • Secure communication protocols

Learning Opportunities

  • ML Programming, Network Intrusion Detection, Network Traffic Analysis, Network Capture Parsing, and Python

This VIP team studies applications of machine learning and data science techniques to defend against rapid complex cybersecurity threats. The focus of this research is on advancing machine learning applied to the detection of malicious network communications. The team will be actively working on and not limited to intrusion detection, network traffic analysis, and defenses against adversarial machine learning in a network context.

Contact: Prof. Michael De Lucia

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May 8, 2023