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Embedded System Design

Embedded System Design

Building tools and technology for critical systems

Research Issues

Developing embedded computer systems to support the safety of electric vehicle charging and robust HWIL testing for imaging systems.

Research Areas

Embedded computers are becoming increasingly pervasive and powerful. They provide functionality for a broad range of systems including household appliances, toys, vehicles, defense systems and medical devices. They surround and sometimes exist inside people. Some of these applications involve critical systems, and the performance of the embedded devices is key to maintaining a safe environment. Performance requirements must be met while maintaining sometimes stringent requirements for power and speed. Electric vehicle charging presents one scenario in which embedded computers are critical for safe operation. Most vehicles today contain dozens of electronic control units (ECUs) which control key systems when the vehicle is driving. To these, electric vehicles add a set of control systems for managing high-power charging, battery management and, in some systems, grid-integration. These systems are also important for maintaining the safety of electric vehicles, and so supporting their increased adoption. Another area in which embedded computers play a key role is that of high speed dynamic displays for hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing of imaging systems. These imaging systems may be integrated in devices used for missile defense. Providing high speed, accurate imagery is key to testing these devices and supporting their development. Testing requires novel displays driven by robust embedded systems.

Majors Preparation and Interests

EE, CE – Electronic circuit design, testing and evaluation of electric circuits and equipment, design, assembly, installation and operation of electric vehicle charging stations.CS – Embedded computing; data analysis and algorithm development

Key Elements

Electric vehicle, Electric grid, Scene projectors, Embedded computing, Computer algorithms


The Embedded System Design team aims to develop tools and technology for multiple applications. One branch of the project focuses on managing electric vehicle charging. In another branch of the project aims to build technology supporting the development of infrared scene projectors (IRSPs), which are an important tool for HWIL testing of systems used by the military. We are well-situated for this project, as our research group has been involved in developing IRSPs for over ten years. These projectors, based of superlattice light emitting diodes (SLEDs) are the only projectors of their kind in the world, and serve as a platform for the project.


Fouad Kiamilev, Ph.D., Professor, ECE, kiamilev@udel.edu