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FLIE — Flying Labs employing Intelligent Engineering


Research Areas

  • Image processing
  • multispectral imaging
  • data fusion
  • autonomous control
  • machine learning

The FLIE — Flying Labs employing Intelligent Engineering — project seeks to develop algorithms, methods, and systems to enable drones that function as autonomous flying labs that address challenging contemporary problems. Challenges addressed include intelligent autonomous control, multifaceted sensing, and data fusion and processing. Intelligent control includes single and cooperative (swarm) drone control. Sensing methodologies include 3D imaging, multispectral imaging, and environmental sensing, with applications spanning visualization, defect detection, and security applications.


Image Processing, Sensor Fusion, Control Systems, Volume Reconstruction, Object Detection In Images, Adaptive Systems And Machine Learning


Autonomous control of a single drone as well as cooperative control of a drone swarm; methods for collecting multispectral images as well as other appropriate remote environment sensors; fusion of sensor collected data and intelligent data processing, volume reconstruction, feature detection, and object tracking; visualization, defect detection, and security applications.

ADVISORS: Ken Barner (ECE)
MAJORS, PREPARATION, INTERESTS: Electrical Engineering — signal/image processing, control theory, systems & sensors; Computer Engineering — programming, embedded systems, circuits/systems & sensors; Computer Science — algorithms, programming/software; Mechanical Engineering — control systems; Mathematics — algorithms, stochastic systems