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Exploring the intersection between art and engineering


Research Areas

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Production
  • Robotics
  • Hand's on Education

The word robot was first used in a 1920 play by the Czech writer Capek. However, medieval robots entertained European royalty thousands of years before we ever used that word. In modern times, the idea of robotics as an art form, and not just a practical engineering pursuit, can be seen in the work of kinetic sculptors, animatronics, and toys. While engineers tend to be limited by what they understand to be physically feasible and have a bottom up approach to realizing ideas, artists are typically taught to think differently and start with the concept, then work backwards to achieve it. By juxtaposing these two approaches to realize publicly viewable works of engineering and art, this project seeks to blur the lines between the two fields and continue to present engineering as an inherently creative endeavor, and art as a discipline that can use technology as a media for creation.


This project aims to combine the worlds of art and engineering for the benefit of both, and shatter stereotypes between the two fields. Team members will work on electromechanical kinetic sculptures for display at regional and national exhibitions, write tutorials for replication of work for sharing with open source software and hardware communities, and use creations as the basis for educational workshops both internal and external to UD.


Art exhibitions, workshops, teaching, open source hardware and software


Embedded control systems, developing open source control software and hardware, studying public interaction with robotics, advancing hands on education through exhibition quality system design and development.

ADVISORS: Dustyn Roberts (ME), Troy Richards (CAS)
MAJORS, PREPARATION, INTERESTS: ME, EE, CE – fabrication, manufacturing, system and component level design, integration, instrumentation; EE, CE, CS – circuit design, testing and evaluation, programming, control system design; ART – interaction design, graphic design, performance, exhibition installation